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 Dubbed, A “fresh young face with an old soul” (-Press and Sun Bulletin), Zarni devette, graduated from college in 2011 as the Scott Benson Scholarship recipient (the highest award given for songwriting) from The Berklee College of Music. Though her roots take her all the way back to South Africa, the piano songstress toured relentlessly in the states for many years, residing in Boston, Seattle, Austin and now Music City. On the road she built a devoted following before turning her eyes to Nashville and to her true love; songwriting.

deVette’s work is pop at its core but it has been challenged to take those soaring pop melodies and marry them with well crafted, story-telling lyrics. In her diverse writing, her music talks about our ever familiar emotions of joy,sadness, fear, and desire, with a refreshing intimacy.  she's had cuts by britty,Chris Bullard, Charlie Oxford, Sarah Clanton, cherie oakley, the gibbonses, and has also had several placements on spiketv, the foodnetwork, youtube redbull and several indie films.

In her years of touring –playing more than 200 shows a year - Zarni shared the stage with Mary Lambert, Anberlin, the Presidents of the United States of America, Jillette Johnson, Ari Hest, Liz Longley, Seth Glier, and Jenn Grinels. Her fans helped her fund two projects via Kickstarter; her self titled EP and her EP Honest Company) and those same dedicated fans even pooled their money together one summer and surprised her with her dream keyboard; the nord electro stage 3.

In 2016 devette caught the attention of Grammy-winning songwriter Steve Leslie. Leslie offered her a Publishing Deal and full time writing gig at the publishing company he co-founded with Gary Reamey. SNG Music, known for its elite roster (Marty Dodson, Mark Nesler,Lee Starr, Oran Thornton, Carson Chamberlain and Wyatt McCubbin) aims to cultivate the next generation of hit country songwriters – and zarni is capably poised among them.

"Build you up" Music and Lyrics (by Zarni and Jilian Linklater)

"Build you up" Music and Lyrics (by Zarni and Jilian Linklater)


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Judges of the Great American Song Contest praised Build You Up for it's "impressive lyrical imagery, original story and well-designed melody"

“Behind that fresh young face is an old soul guided by an emotional wisdom beyond her years.”  Chris KocherPress and Sun Bulletin

"It’s in that emotional core that you find at the center of all Zarni’s work. Skinless, it feels honest, unguarded, and vulnerable. Zarni channels her raw feelings and emotion into words and sound, in a way that few artists do, or even can."- Brian Snider, Secretly Important

" the music just consumes you in a big bear hug and even asks if you’d like to dance a time or two"- Seattle Wave Radio

“Zarni has rare talent and her interpretation of music is stunningly soulful. She has such stage presence and very comfy on the keyboard. She just oozed class throughout her show and the crowd fell in love with her on the first key.” Rustic Theatre South Africa

"In 32 years of the radio business, I have rarely heard a singer/songwriter with so much talent. Her music comes from her heart and a place beyond her years. Zarni is an original." John Majhor Canadian Radio Broadcaster




Big Machine Store and Distillery (122 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201) October 24th 8pm

with Emily Earle

Bluebird Cafe October 31st 630pm with Tori Tullier, Parker McKay and Elise Hayes

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Tidal Wave Album Credits:
Produced- Zarni De Vette
Mixing Engineer-Caleb Gilbreath
Drums (Track 12, Tidal Wave)-Matthew Singler
Guitar and Bass (Track 1 & Track 12, Magic & Tidal Wave) Pat Buchanan
Guitar (Track 5,Itch)-Rob McNelley
All keyboards, piano, wurly, organ- Zarni De Vette
Backgroud Vocals- Zarni De Vette
All other production elements/sounds- Zarni De Vette

Writing Credits:
Magic (Zarni De Vette, Lacy Green)
Mine (Zarni De Vette, Zoe Sky Jordan)
Talk To Myself ( Zarni De Vette, Risa Binder, Jenn Grinels)
Only Two People In The World (Zarni De Vette, Lacy Green)
Itch (Zarni De Vette, Madeline Merlo)
Where Does All The Love Go (Zarni De Vette, Kate Tucker)
Whisper My Name (Zarni De Vette, Mark Nesler)
Live Forever (Zarni De Vette, Madeline Merlo)
Killing Time (Zarni De Vette)
Lust (Zarni De Vette)
Happy Where We Are (Zarni De Vette)
Tidal Wave (Zarni De Vette)

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For booking and press inquiries, please contact zarnidewet@gmail.com

For cowrite booking contact aubrey.schwartz@sngmusic.net

Pictured (Top Row L-R) Oran Thornton, Carson Chamberlain, Mike Sebastian, Bobby Fischer, Mark Nesler

(Middle L-R) Lee Starr, Kathleen Mullet, Aubrey Schwartz, Zarni deVette, Julia Sims, Gary Reamey

(Bottom L-R) Wyatt McCubbin,Marty Dodson